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This one is an Oceanographic Research Vessel for the State of Rhode Island.

The bright red kevlar hull was laid up at WESMAC in Surry, Me. then shipped to Anthony Fernandez, owner of Marine Subcontractors, Inc. for finishing.

The State of Rhode Island, Department of Environmental Management- Division of Fish, Wildlife & Estuarine Resources - Marine Fisheries Section is having the WESMAC / Marine Subcontractor vessel finished with a full galley, head w/shower enclosure and sleeping quarters down forward. She is powered by a 3406E Caterpillar engine. She has over a 1200 gallon fuel capacity, 2 control stations, a computer center, a laboratory, and will be rigged with net reels, hydraulic winches and other gear that will be used for their research projects.

The vessel is being named the "JOHN H. CHAFEE" after the late senator of Rhode Island, John H. Chafee.

Mr. Chafee was elected to the senate in 1976 and was a Very strong voice on numerous bills during his time in office, such as The Clean Water Act in 1986, the Clean Air Act & Oil Pollution Act of 1990.

Mr. Chafee was appointed as Secretary of the Navy in 1969, and had a lifelong concern for the health of the Narragansett Bay.

Mr. Chafee's last but not least "major" act was authorizing and sponsoring the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st century, which authorizes funding for transportation programs for the next 6 years.

The most recent WESMAC 50' launched was finished by Lyman Morse in Thomaston, Maine and is presently still at their dock.

Signed; S.L.S.

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